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Female hotties of sci fi for scifi100

So, justmyb0nes just started her Big Bang, which is suppose to be done in 6 days. Her claim is 100 icons of male hotties of scifi. For some reason I got the crazy idea to match her (despite me being done with my Big Bang since long back) and decided to give female hotties a try. < apparently I succeeded!

Topic: Misc
Subject: Female hotties of scifi
Theme set: Gamma
Date started: 2011-09-19
Date finished: 2011-09-25
Notes: This is a mix of fandoms. But there are a lot of characters not represented here. Even from shows I love. This does not mean I do not like the characters or don't find them hot. I just never got around to them or found caps I felt inspired by. Some of these icons were made from caps handed to me as prompts.
Shows & movies represented: Aeon Flux (movie), Andromeda, Barbarella, Battlestar Galactica, Dark Angel, Doctor Who, Farscape, Firefly, Fringe, Haven, Lost, Primeval, Serenity, Star Trek (JJ Abrams), Star Trek Enterprise, Star Trek Voyager, Star Wars, Stargate SG-1, The Middleman, Torchwood, Tron Legacy, Warehouse 13, X-Files

Below every icon you have the name of the show or movie the character is from. If you still do not know who they are and want to know, don't hesitate to ask. The same goes for if you're wondering about why something goes with that theme.

Enjoy!Collapse )

80 Alias icons

Yes, it's time for my first Alias icons!
I started watching the show very recently (like a month ago) and I gobbled it up so fast and fell madly in love. When my Photoshop moo came back and I started making Alias picspams it was natural to start making icons as well and hum, it went a bit out of hand.

80 icons, mostly Sydney for some unknown reason (possibly cause she has wigs and stuff)
A few icons were made as gifts for scifiland's gift giving but most are for the Big Bang at the same land comma (definitely more than 50 which was the points I needed)


we always find each otherCollapse )

The other half of my Big Bang is Syd/Vaughn picspams. So, have them as well! :D

(click the respective image to be taken to the posts at deadboltgloves

picspam roundup

I've said I would make round up posts linking to picspams I've posted at deadboltgloves, so I think it's time for another one.

Just click the thumbnails. The post with "everything is reminding me of you" also has a bonus Peter Bishop minispam.


And just hang tight. Soon enough I will post a shitload of Alias icons. Oh yeah, introducing a new fandom.

55 Farscape icons

I've had a batch of Farscape icons slowly growing on my harddrive for ages. Finally came around to post them.

55 icons, most made for some challenge or another


you can be moreCollapse )

55 Fringe icons

It has been quite a while sinc eI posted icons. But now it's time for my first batch of Fringe icons, yay!

55 icons, the majority featuring Olivia for some reason xD


real is just a matter of perceptionCollapse )

Aaaand, here's a wallpaper featuring Olivia in silhouette together with Aeryn from Farscape, and a line from Alexi Murdoch's song "All My Days".
Click to make all big and nice.
(made for a scifiland challenge)

And why not some cracky Fringe fanart? Obviously click to get it in full size.
(made for a scifiland challenge)

(wanna repost on Tumblr? Please reblog my original post)

Fringe picspams

One of the current challenges at scifiland is a multimedia bingo. I decided to make it all very themed and matching. So yes, I went for Fringe picspams for all nine squares. The spams range between 17 and 58 caps in size and all match in style and colouring (not the same colouring, but still the same feeling hopefully)

Click the thumb to get taken to the spam at deadboltgloves.
And sorry for the massive post.

And another one made for a smaller challenge where we were suppose to make a gif or minispam for a scene we liked. It does not look like the bingo ones. And one I made onc eit hit me how similar Peter/Olivia is to John/Aeryn (my first ever Fringe spam)


Damn, I haven't updated since September? Time really flies.
I have been making stuff though. Mostly random icons that haven't been enough to post (yet) or picspams (which ends up at deadboltgloves). And I have a tumblr so the smaller graphicy things are for that and I don't really feel like I need to post them here. If you want to follow me on tumblr, I'm fishcollective.

But, as I've promised I will make pick up posts for the picspams. So here are the ones made lately.

here at deadboltgloves

here at deadboltgloves

here at deadboltgloves

here at deadboltgloves

here at deadboltgloves
spoilers for up to 3.22 of Farscape and 3.09 of Fringe

And cause I can, under the cut are some I made for tumblr (that have more than three caps, but that I didn't feel were big enough to be pocket spams)

NCIS LA, Merlin, Rizzoli & IslesCollapse )

Scifiland bigbang master post

Master post for my entries to the scifiland BigBang!


here at deadboltgloves
30 caps = 15 points

here at deadboltgloves
14+17 caps = 15 points
Spoilers for the end of Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

here at deadboltgloves
66 caps = 33 points
Spoilers for Eureka (incl s3.0), Primeval (all), Farscape (incl s3), Battlestar Galactica (all), Torchwood (all), Stargate SG-1 (incl s5) and Stargate Atlantis (incl s3)

63 caps = 31 points
here at deadboltgloves
Spoilers for Battlestar Galactica up to 4.11 + The Plan
This was also made for September's challenge at picspammy


I put up a post for six people to request icons to reach my 100 points. Here's one icon from each filled request (I made more than one per person though. They will all end up in their respective fandom posts at some point)

Did I count it wrong and didn't reach 100 points? Tell me and I'll add the extra icons.

Could just as well post this, for the "Create a tv show" challenge at scifiland

here at deadboltgloves

Light pimpin

Yeah I know, still haven't fixed the layout.
But I just felt like I should pimp some comms (and get points for one haha)

A land comm with a scifi tv theme. Totally effing awesome. Team Sidekick rules!

A land comm with a crime show theme. I just recently opened, so we need more peopel! Come join me and the dead bodies down in the Morgue will ya?

Where all my picspams end up from now on. A little collective of people who just love making picspams. I will probably post collection posts here every now and then with links to the spams over there.


Aug. 24th, 2010

Due to S1 officially being dead the journal looks like crap. So I'm putting some default random thing to make it look less crap for now. Will code and make headers and stuff this week.