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Printheth!Aeryn picspam for scifiland

This seems to be the last challenge for this phase at scifiland. "For the Lolz", picspam or gif. I obviously went for picspam.

Honey, the butler's dead!Collapse )

20 misc Farscape icons

There's a new 20in20 in town. farscape_20in20. WOHOO!
Totally crap timing though since I'm leaving for London very soon. But pft, icons icons icons!
The first round was general, so we just had to sign up. No specific claim.


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Bryce's Spirit

Since this is my graphis journal I thought I should probably link to the awesome that is teamsidekick's spaceship.
I'm the one responsible for all inside tiers except the cantina.

Yeah baby, we have a ballpit

yup, this was a challenge for scifiland, and I totally forgot to post here before now. Shush.

40 Connor Temple icons

I claimed Connor Temple from Primeval in a special character round over at scifieps20in20

Anyways, this resulted in:
20 icons for the assignment (of which 5 = Andrew & Hannah OOC)
20 bonus icons and alts (of which 7 = Andrew & Hannah OOC)

I made a lot of icons for this. Most of the extra ones from season 3 have been saved for the s3 iepisode table however.
And I love that the ooc icons totally fits with the rest and could almost be from the show, since Hannah is in every single one XD Gawds they are so cute together!


Connor... shut upCollapse )
Really, this is my last picspam for scifiland in a while (unless there's a picspam challenge next week or something)

Bingo square: Free choice
Medium: Minispam (picspam)... not so mini with 27 caps
Fandom: Primeval
Subject: The cliff scene in 2.04 (+ a bonus with some heroic running)
Note: Probably my favourite scene in Primeval. wildpages wished for a Connor picspam, which I said no to cause it would end up with like over 200 pictures XD (some other time though) boxeddreams then told me to do this. Well before that she told me to spam some wet sexy heroic running but I thought that was a bit boring since the scene is like a few seconds. Well... yeah.

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Dr Horrible mini picspam

I know I know... I'll stop. Maybe. Soon. Might make a final one for the free choice one. Aaanyways, more picspam for scifiland

Bingo square: Social networking
Medium: Minispam (picspam)
Fandom: Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Subject: Dr Horrible's vlogging
Note: It took me forever to try to think of what to do for "social networking". Such a hard theme! Then it just hit me. I got Dr Horrible accepted to the list and vlogging is certainly a kind of social networking.

The status is NOT quoCollapse )

James Lester (Primeval) "mini" picspam

oh shush you. I like making these picspams for scifiland bingo! So have a third one.

Bingo square: Someone you hated, but now love
Medium: Minispam (picspam)... err yeah, mini. 24 caps used.
Fandom: Primeval
Subject: James Lester
Note: I really disliked Lester in s1. Didn't trust him one bit. I wished he would get eaten by a raptor. But eventually he proved to be completely devoted to the team and actually quite funny in his grumpyness. And who doesn't love a man who wears suspenders on a daily basis?

Lester = BAMFCollapse )

John/Aeryn 'The Locket' mini picspam

aaand already time for another minispam for the scifiland bingo.

Bingo square: Something old
Medium: Minispam (picspam)
Fandom: Farscape
Subject: Aeryn Sun & John Crichton (from The Locket)

enjoy!Collapse )

Kara/Helo BFF mini picspam

One of the current challenges at scifiland is to fill in a bingo card using whichever scifi fandom(s) you fancy and different techniques (icons, minimixes, drabbles etc).

Bingo square: BFF-ness
Medium: Minispam (picspam)
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Subject: Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace & Karl 'Helo' Agathon

enjoy!Collapse )

31 Farscape icons

I realised that I have enough old Farscape icons to make a post. You see, nowadays I don't really make random icons anymore. Sure, I might make an icon cause I need one of a certain scene, but it's not that often. I haven't entered regular icontests in a long time... I just do challenges. So, better to post this now than wait several months for more icons to come along.

35 icons, including some bases and alts (they are included in the main table, can't be arsed to make an extra for bases)


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